We are here for you!

MPT-INTL, a provider of the healthcare network, remained open during the Covid-19 crisis in order to provide individual tables to isolate our seniors. However, we limited the number of employees and strongly encouraged working remotely if possible, we are very happy to announce the resumption of our activities to 100%. We are now open and running at full capacity.

We are working diligently to offer many available options for you to explore our products. Our Showroom is open. We suggest you call to make an appointment with us if you plan to visit. We also are offering a virtual show room where we can meet and discuss your needs from the safety of your computer or mobile device.

A retirement to highlight

At this time, we would like to announce the retirement of Jean Paul Legare, and thank him for the many years of devotion. He has been a big part of the company. His knowledge and years of experience helped bring our company to where it is today. Thank you for all the hard work! Please join us in wishing him a wonderful retired life ahead!

Please update your ordering information at this time to info@mpt-intl.com

Feel free to telephone (800) 655-1464, for more information or if you would like someone to visit your establishment.

Vacation for the hardworking

Lastly, we would like to share with you our upcoming vacation factory shutdown. In Quebec, there is a time when almost all factories and construction closes. MPT is one of them. The date for our shutdown this year is July 19th through August 1st.  We would like to you be aware that beginning next week our production delay will be 45 to 60 days in view of the factory shutdown.

Together Improving Lives

The MPT-INTL team